Den 1 mars öppnar ansökan till KTHs roligaste förening! Vi söker 12 nya engagerade styrelsemedlemmar som vill fortsätta utveckla Malvina det kommande läsåret. Osäker på vad det innebär att vara med i styrelsen? Nedan finns en liten beskrivning av varje roll på engelska och du är alltid välkommen att höra av dig till någon i styrelsen med frågor!

Vi söker:

  • 2 Presidents

  • 2 Head of Social Events

  • 3 Head of Business Relations

  • 1 Head of IT

  • 1 Art Director

  • 1 Head of Social PR

  • 1 Head of Business PR

  • 1 JML

Ansökan till Ordförande är öppen 1 mars - 14 mars.

Ansökan till övriga styrelseposter är öppen 1 mars - 28 mars.

Ansökan kräver ett Google-konto - om du inte har det så är det bara att maila istället med namn, första- och andrahandsval av styrelsepost, CV samt en kort motivering till varför du vill vara en del av Malvinas styrelse!

Presidents (2)

As President of Malvina, you’re responsible for the organization’s progression and fulfillment of the network’s overall purpose. You are responsible for shaping the team, being in charge of the weekly board meetings and collaborations with other organizations. You’re an individual that likes to lead, organize and inspire others towards outlined visions and goals. You are also an accountable and communicational person that is not afraid to find yourself in new, challenging situations.

Financial responsibility: You have the ultimate responsibility over Malvina’s financial prosperity. We look for you who are independent, structured and like order. To enjoy this role, you should have an interest in finance and enjoy working in a communicative manner.

Communications responsibility: You own the primary responsibility of the contact with main sponsors and other organizations, and are a central point for internal communication. To thrive in this role, it is essential to be enthusiastic and have good communication skills.

Ansökan till Ordförande stänger 14 mars

Head of Social Events (2)

As a part of the social events group, you will create interesting and inspiring events for Malvina’s members, both virtual and physical. You will form qualitative events with a focus on networking, that create value and personal development for members. Together in your group you will plan, coordinate and organize all social events. You also own the responsibility for the contact and creation of events for Malvina’s Alumni network. We’re looking for communicative and creative individuals for this role.

Head of Business Relations (3)

The business related events group works to be a bridge between female/non-binary students and companies. You arrange inspiring events for our members, aiming for a more equal job market. Being responsible for business relations, you are Malvina’s face outwards companies which means attending business meetings, planning and carrying out events. The goal of these events is to give female and non-binary students the opportunity to get to know new companies. We look for you who are communicative, driven and outgoing.

Head of IT (1)

As Malvina’s Head of IT, you will work together with the Art Director and both Head of PR to expand Malvinas digital channels. You are also responsible for maintaining and developing the website as well as keeping track of our members and solving technical problems. As a person, we imagine you being analytical and resourceful!

Art Director (1)

As Art Director, you create the graphical material for Malvina. This includes everything from posters and illustrations to pictures for social media. As Art Director, you are responsible for making sure all content is coherent with the graphical profile. You should be a creative individual with an eye for design and have some experience in creating graphical content.

Head of Social PR (1)

As Head of Social PR, you will work with Malvinas strategic operations surrounding the network’s brand and external communication with the members. You will control, coordinate and be responsible for Malvina's marketing of social events and social media content via newsletters and social media platforms. Together with the Head of Business PR, you will be in charge of the newsletter, and expanding Malvinas brand with focus on valuable, social content.

Head of Business PR (1)

As Head of Business PR, you will work with Malvinas strategic operations surrounding the network’s brand and external communication regarding business and marketing. You will control, coordinate and be responsible for Malvinas marketing of business events as well as company collaborations via newsletters and social media, by working closely with the business relations group. Together with the Head of Social PR, you will be in charge of the newsletter and expanding Malvinas brand with focus on business relations.

JML (1)

As Malvinas new JML (sv.: Jämställdhet, Mångfald och Likabehandling - eng. Equality, Diversity and Equal Treatment), you will be responsible for the organization's goal to create a more included environment at both Malvina's events as well as university-related issues. You will work closely with the social event group as well as have continuous contact with KTH and the student union. To thrive in this role, you have to be an enthusiastic, diplomatic person who likes to ask the right questions.

Ansökan för övriga styrelseposter stänger 28 mars